Customer Comments

"This specialized software has features that are a "must have" addition to any driveability technicians PC workspace..." Jeff Bly more >

"Annowave is a great tool for enhancing the waveforms that I use in my powerpoint presentations and its east to use." Ira Waldman

"I use the Anno Wave when I need to combine images into a single image for email."

"The Anno Wave file format is perfect for saving groups of images into one file. Like an image bucket. It maintains the quality and allows me to easily export."

"Animaed GIF files. The Anno Wave makes simple animated GIF files easy."

The Anno Wave

The Anno Wave is a graphics annotation and layout program that combines key features from image editing, page layout, vector art and presentation programs.

The Anno Wave radically simplifies the creation of high end annotated graphics for documentation, web display, email and much more.

It's For You

A balance between simplicity, function
and features.

If your goal is to annotate and or combine images to make a "final" image,this is the program for you.

Egnineers - Educators - Technicians
Sales - Writers - Photographers - Family

June 29, 2009

Anno Wave version 1.7.5 is now available. Improved dialogs and advanced cursor features drive the latest version!. more >

JULY 18, 2008

Match Object Size, Create Animated GIF, Coodinates Dialog, Toolbar colapse and expand feature.

June 29, 2009