Features List

The Anno Wave has many unique and powerful features.

Latest Features:

  • Improved Dialogs
  • Double Click Features
  • Set Cursor by Value
  • New Cursor Styles


The best way to get to know the Anno Wave is to download and try it free for 30 days!

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Powerful Features

Anno Wave Screenshot
Anno Wave - Gateway Arch
Screen Shot
Gateway Arch


The Anno Wave is for you if....

· You are preparing images for the Internet, inclusion in documentation, email, or sharing with your friends.
· Want to maintain the integrity of the individual images and objects.
· You are combining multiple images and want to make a nice layout easily.
· You need to annotate your images


In short....

· Add, combine, rotate images on the workspace. Similiar to layers in Photoshop.
· Create transparent regions to images.
· Add anti-aliased annotations. No jagged lines!
· Place cursors for measurment right on to images.
· Just enough to get the job done without being overwhelming.


Anno Creations
TBI Injector
TBI Injector
Cursors - Inches
Cursors  - Ignition
Cursors - Inches
Cursors - Ignition
Christmas Card
Christmas Card
Christmas Card 2
Jeff Bly
Jeff Bly - Automotive Analysis

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The Anno Wave package also includes the Anno Capture screen capture utility.

The Anno Screen Capture makes it wasy to capture the contents of the PC screen, save it and or send it to your favorite graphics program.

Look for the Anno Caputre in the Anno Wave Program Group under your START menu.

June 29, 2009